The Creative Director.

Rene C Lautrec, the exclusive designer for Lautrec, has a multifaceted background inspired by the pillars of aestheticism. His journey of design began in Paris where he studied in one most prestigious couture academies.

The designer's eye flourished under the tutelage of two of the most influential couture houses in Paris. As a designer with them Mr.Lautrec developed his natural extraordinary eye and talent for color, Materials shapes, and form.

After a few years he moved to Italy to deepen his knowledge and passion in architecture. He studied architecture design in Firenze where he mastered his craft with purity of form, and construction with a variety of materials.

Mr. Lautrec started in designs ranging from exclusive custom evening gowns to complementary accessories such as Handbags & accessories and finally fine jewelry. Among his clients one can find royalty, diplomats, celebrities and socialites from all over the world.

Lautrec's unique background from haute couture & Haute Joaillerie to architecture gracefully unites impeccable taste, shape, color, form, and texture. He masterfully and beautifully integrates art, fashion, architecture, style, elegance and statement with the finest materials in various capacities ranging from bejeweled metal in fine jewelry, magnificent rich fabrics in couture, to exquisite hardware and exotic skins in handbags and accessories creating the ravishing luxurious collections of Lautrec.

Mr. Lautrec is intimately involved in the creation and production of each collection...Lautrec creates the concept and design as well as providing all molds, measurements and specifications. He inspects all of his collections upon completion to make sure that each has met his standards of excellence, and only then does Mr. Lautrec apply his signature of authenticity on each design to provide his assurance of the finest quality and superb craftsmanship.

Each Lautrec design is conceived as wearable art, a classic yet modern, as well as a timeless Heirloom investment. In the words of Rene Lautrec:

"I create my designs with the idea of transforming the wearer from day to night keeping them looking Beautiful, Sophisticated, Sexy, and Extraordinary at all times."